Hello everyone! After a century (actually 13 days) without posting, I’m here again. Did you miss me? I hope a little bit.

At least these days, I have had time to rethink some sections of the blog and to think about new content to launch today. Apart from the fact that I’m waiting for a new webcam to arrive so I can record the Copywriting a la carte II and the answers to the last “1, 2, 3… ask again” (from June already!), today I bring you a new series of contents.

This time I’m going for something practical that I’m sure will be useful to each and every one of you. It’s not a theoretical post, it’s a 100% practical post with actions that you can use in your own blog.

What does this section consist of?

I really like case studies, I love them. When you apply the theory and show others that what you say is not “straw”, but something tangible and real, I usually value it very much. And that’s why I want to bring that kind of content to my blog.

I have an eBook that talks about how to generate traffic for a blog and you could say that my blog is proof that it works. I don’t have 10,000 visits a month, but with the 3,000-4,000 that I generate, I have enough to have a salary and lay the foundation to create the rest of the projects I have in mind.

But what if I apply the same techniques to another blog?

That’s what this section will be about in chapters. I am going to take a new or semi-unknown blog and in a period of 3 months, I am going to apply different techniques to it so that it starts to generate traffic and income in a stable way. Yes, not only do I want 3,000-4,000 people to come to the blog, but I also want the time spent on it to generate a profit.

The idea is to change the blog and the sector every 3 months. I will start, as you can see, with the fashion industry, and then I will move on to a totally different one over and over again. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

And I’m going to do it all 100% publicly. I’ll write updates every month here so you can see what’s being done, why, and how the blog is evolving step by step. No catch and no fuss.

Chic & Beauty: the chosen blog

The title of the post and the blog makes it clear what Chic & Beauty is about, right? Yes, I wanted to start with a fashion blog to try to start blog that has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Well, I have to admit that I’m lying a little bit. It does have to do with me, as it is my girlfriend’s blog. When I thought of this idea it occurred to me that if I started with someone close to me I could see the evolution firsthand, so I’ve practically taken the blog of the closest person I have.

Why did I choose this blog? For 4 main reasons beyond the protagonist of it:

It is a “virgin” blog: even though the blog is a year old, it is a blog of the “friends and family” group. It has almost no diffusion outside the radius of acquaintances and until today has been more of a hobby than something that wants to professionalize.

It’s a totally different sector: I want to prove that my techniques work in diametrically different sectors: what could be more different than a personal branding/copywriting blog and a fashion blog? Besides, even though it looks like an exploited sector, it is not. Rather, it is a sector saturated with blogs of dubious quality.

The blog does not depend on SEO: fashion blogs usually “pass” a little SEO. A lot of keywords that can be used are taken by big magazines and it is difficult to get close to them. And if in my eBook I talk about how to get visits without SEO, you have to apply the story, don’t you?

The blog does not live on text: a fashion blog is graphic. The posts are occupied by photos and more photos with text that, on many occasions, is not even read. Another abysmal difference, and one that removes any specter that the blog can improve because I write in it (which I will not do). Please take a moment to visit their page to know what people are saying about Temu on Sitejabber.